1865 blog post Spencer/Sammie/Ramerez

April 18, 1865
Dear Ivarene,
      The war is over. We lost it at Apomottox. We had one last battle. It was small, but the bloodiest yet. More than Los’s and Las’s deaths. There was a Corporal named Sammie. He was just a boy. As we stood there firing, a bullet chipped of the top of his head. He went down, but came back up a minute later with blood covering half his face. Then a solid shot came right through his stomach leaving a clean hole right through him. Another took off his head, and as he was falling, a chain round sliced off his legs. Ramerez was also a true southerner. He got some shrapnel his left eye. As he screamed in pain, he charged the yanks in a last ditch effort and got shot 8 times. The Union Calvery charge cut off one of his arms. His uniform looked like a bright watermelon in the summer. Next the infantry charged and he got bayoneted 6 times through the stomach. He fell over and a mortar round hit him dead center, making a crater through his body. A cannon round ex…

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1865 entry Mariela Garcia

April 10,1865

Dear Father and Amelia,

I AM COMING HOME!! I literally cannot wait to see y'all, I don't even care that we lost because I am so excited to come home. I hope home is OK, I heard the Union toke over Richmond on April 2nd and I just want to make sure you guys were safe and didn't get hurt by them. Also on the 6th of April 8,000 soldier's from our army died at Saylor's creek, poor fellows, they died 3 days before the war ended. But the way it ended, well for us, was unexpected. General Lee was taking us to the Appomattox courthouse because we had hear that there was supplies over there and when we arrived we were surrounded by Union soldiers on three sides of us. The battle we fought was more of a scrimmage because General Lee surrendered when the fight was barley beginning, how embarrassing!! We didn't even surrender with honor like during a major battle but a fight that barley even justifies as a battle. But it was probably for the best because we w…

Blog 1865 Kyle Dodds

Dear Susan,
It all started at the courthouse. The battle lasted barely ten minutes, but it was more of a skirmish. I was with my friend John, and John, well he was unlucky. We were surrounded, but John ran straight forward screaming, when an explosive shell hit right behind him. He was sent flying up, and then as he came down, he shielded six bullets from hitting me. Then as John hit the ground his musket accidentally fired, the sparks catching his hair on fire. Although injured he got up, and got hit in the arm by a cannon round. Then one of the other soldiers came up and stabbed three times in the stomach. As he lay there dying, the flames engulfed him, and then a random sword came flying out of our side, probably a soldier's who'd been disarmed. It impaled him.

Anyway, after that small fight, we were ready to fight more, but Lee told us we were ok to go home, so yay.
I'm Comin' home,
Sargeant Bloom (Your Husband)

P.S. John Died

Blogpost 1864 Vanessa Delgado

Dear Mother 'nd father
  Yo, it has really been an exhausting life lately. Hope this letter makes it thru and y'all get it. I heard about the darn Yanks involving civilians that are Innocent into all this mess? bad decision of them. Aish.  That Sherman guy, ew. no no what he did is bad. at least are y'all fine over there in Alabama. If its true, well--Did I mention what Sherman did? no? he burned down houses and stole personal belongings. Bad. I ain't have much time left but we had this battle recently, "Wilderness" 'is called. We where firing to the Yanks while we hid in the bushes. Some of our team caught on fire, a depressing sight to see really, but that is what happens when you decide to have a battle in the middle of a forest. Oh well. 
Sincerely    Private Hatfield

1864 Blog post Arly Arevalo

Dear Father,

Ah don’t know if ma letter will get thu ya with all the chaos goin on with da Sherman March it was terrible and are yu and mama and the children okay ? I was really worried hearin all sorts of things like “Those nasty feds be takin everything and burning houses” did they take anything from yuh guys ,are ya guys injured ah hope not but the worst thing ah heard was dat Sherman took Atlanta like what dah heck that’s a or was one of the major and only manufacturing centas of da south oh ma lord I hope we recover father well tell mama I love her and also the children take care

                   Private Busic

1864 entry Mariela Garcia

November 23, 1864

I just hear an hour ago about that Sherman man who is causing destruction to Georgia. That guy seems out of his mind!! burning down houses? stealing personal belongings? that man has gone too far. bringing civilians into the war is unfair and unjust because they are innocent and are not meant to be apart of the war in anyway. I am so grateful that my family lives here in Virginia and not Georgia, yet if Sherman comes to Virginia I would make sure they all die before they reach my hometown and my family. But for now we will not be in another fight until we all are able. I wonder how long Sherman will keep this up and what is his purpose for doing something so gruesome. I hope the civilians who lost everything are OK because what this guy is doing is beyond what we thought this war would bring, so I am sure I am not the first to say this but I am going to say it anyway. This war has gone to far and must end.